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Atelier chez AVANTCAM pour DIAMANT restauration film & TV V14 !


Logiciel utilisant l'intelligence artificielle pour coloriser vos films en noir et blanc

DIAMANT V14 comprend des évolutions essentielles!

Plus de fonction utilisant l'Intelligence Artificielle (AI): DeepInpaint, DeepScratch, DeepDust

DIAMANT-Film SUITE (version full) est maintenant compatible sur MAC OS

Amélioration du workflow en PRORES en limitant de façon significative les besoins en stockage dans le "REPOSITORY".

Mise à jour de la bibliothèque (portfolio of image) avec les outils de stabilisation.

StabRoiTracking : choix d'une zone déterminée (Region of Interest) pour appliquer un tracking avec stabilisation.

StabCorner : stabilisation spécifique des coins de l'image.

Mies à jour du Dust filter

Travail du GPU avancé et accéléré pour gain de temps de calculs ou temps réel.

Forte évolution et support des images HDR et en faible contraste.

Evolution du moteur de lecture (Playback Engine)

Et beaucoup plus encore!

Pour en savoir plus et vous mettre à jour avec les possibilités de DIAMANT V14


Réunion atelier chez AVANTCAM 75014 le mardi 25 octobre : 09H30 ou 14h . Nous contacter pour vous inscrire


What is new in DIAMANT-FILM Restoration V14?

The major innovations of this release compared to the previous versions are shortly described in the

following. In addition to this printed section, we also offer video tutorials. There are tutorials for general usage as well

as for specific repair and filter parameters: https://www.hs-art.com/index.php/tutorials/video-tutorials-overview


• MAC version of the full DIAMANT-Film SUITE

• Artificial intelligence (AI): DeepInpaint, DeepScratch, DeepDust

• Updated portfolio of image stabilization filters

• Improved ProRes workflow with significant less data in the data repository


Optimized render workflow

• Smooth playback engine

• Improved integration into third party workflows

• And many more….

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The new AI-filters require a proper RTX graphic card and an AI-package to be installed in addition to the

Diamant-Film software. Due to the size of the file (~2 GB), it needs to be separately downloaded from our


I. DeepDust

DeepDust combines different moving object detection methods in an intelligent way. Compared to the

traditional Dust Filter, DeepDust is able to significantly reduce the number of false detections and increase

the reliability of automatic film cleaning.

DeepDust is a first step for single image defect detection with AI support. It uses AI based object motion to

better distinguish between unwanted defects and object motion. Further updates are planned in the near


II. DeepInpaint

DeepInpaint is also a new filter based on AI technology for spatio-temporal inpainting. The scratch filter has

got a new repair method based on the DeepInpaint. It uses the new AI technology for an improved and

content sensitive repair of detected vertical scratches.

The new DeepInpaint is a great alternative to the ExInPaintFilter and overcomes many flawbacks of this

traditional filter, specifically in removing gate or camera hairs.

III. DeepScratch

DeepScratch is based on a traditional technique for detection of vertical (resp. horizontal) lines and the repair

by machine learning techniques.

Its interface is very similar to the one of Scratch Filter, but in most of the cases the temporal repair is

significantly improved. Only on transparent vertical lines, the traditional approach with revealing should be

taken as an alternative

Portfolio of Stabilization Filters

The whole portfolio of stabilisation filters have been re-worked and optimized.

I. StabAuto

The StabAuto filter is further improved.

Animated application factors allow best possible stabilisation in difficult motion situations. The

preservation and limiters work now also with automatic zooming. Setting the background color simplifies

checking of the stabilisation results.

A feature for new splice bump correction is included.

II. StabROITracking

This new filter brings together the easy usage of the former StabROI filter and the flexibility of the

StabTracking filter. Thus interactive stabilization reaches a new level and ensures the best possible control

of the stabilization process.

III. StabBorder

The mathematics for finding and tracking the borders has been improved reducing the false border

detections significantly. The new detector allows for a wide automatic use in most situations.

A new mode where a single large ROI indicating the border has been added.

IV. StabCorner

This is a completely new filter, specialized to stabilize on the image frame corners.

The so called “stretch mode” provides a way to de-warp and correct film shrinkage. The filter is not

available right with the release of V14, but will follow soon within the very next months.

Improvements of Restoration Filters

I. Linescratch

The classic linescratch filter has been reworked to allow better control on the detected scratches. The

inpainting methods have been updated to the latest technologies.

Advanced contrast stretching methods help to detect scratches in difficult luminance situations.

II. Dust

The classic dust filter received a new contrast enhancement method to work better on low contrast images

and HDR content. The detection of simple small bright/dark spots have been improved to work better on

scenes with high motion which allows less missed detections. The GPU acceleration for the dust filter has

been improved for better performance.


• Flicker (now also on MAC)

• Transform: Adding blanking option

• Option to save output also on unchanged reference frames

• Added auto align to interpolate tool


• New channel view options (RGB, YUV, HSV, LAB)

• Output on reference frames (configurable)

• Optimized timeline view

• Filter templates reworked

• Image still stores for better comparison

Optimized QC methods

• Improved high quality image display in all zoom levels

• Additional to LUTs a brightness and gamma display setting

• Improved annotation support

o Reports with paintings on image

• New PDF Report

• Dust detection statistic on a graph

Project Manager

• Change Original Path - allow also changing the file format

• Export: Create SideBySide with original


• AVC-I MXF MainConcept plugin support

• For many file formats the export speed has been improved